A Night to Remember:

As the curtain fell on the National Tourism Awards ceremony in 2021, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and excitement. Evolution Hospitality Institute had already established a reputation for exceptional standards and groundbreaking educational practices, but this night would elevate our achievements to an unprecedented level. Amongst industry luminaries, distinguished educators, and hospitality stalwarts, our CEO stood tall as the embodiment of dedication and vision in hospitality education.

Chairman's Award 2021 - Evolution Hospitality Institute
Mr. Stuart Page of Evolutions Hospitality Institute giving winning speech after receiving award from the Chairman of Tourism Training Australia

A Well-Deserved Honor:

Receiving the National Tourism Award was not just an individual triumph but a resounding validation of the entire Evolution Hospitality Institute family. It was a moment when our collective efforts, driven by passion and a shared commitment to excellence, were acknowledged on a national stage. The award celebrated our relentless pursuit of knowledge, our innovative teaching methodologies, and our unwavering support for every student’s dream of a thriving career in the hospitality sector.