Student Excursion – Fine Food Australia 2023

Our exchange students embarked on an exhilarating culinary journey at Fine Food Australia 2023, hosted at ICC Sydney. This annual event served as the gateway to Australia’s food industry, bringing together suppliers, innovators, and industry trends under one roof. Our students seized the chance to meet suppliers face-to-face, forging connections that transcended the digital realm. They also immersed themselves in insightful sessions led by industry experts, gaining invaluable knowledge about the latest market trends. Throughout the day, their cameras captured the essence of this culinary adventure, creating lasting memories. This excursion was a vivid reminder of the power of hands-on experience and ignited their passion for the culinary arts, leaving an indelible mark on their journey.

Evolution Masters 2023: Celebrating Culinary Excellence Down Under!

Greetings, passionate foodies and culinary connoisseurs! The Evolution Masters 2023 culinary competition has drawn to an exciting close, leaving us with hearts full of joy and tables brimming with scrumptious delicacies. As we savour this incredible journey, one thing radiates brighter than the most tantalising dishes – your radiant smiles!

Now, it’s time to introduce the extraordinary winners and participants of Evolution Masters 2023, individuals who have etched their names into the annals of Australian culinary excellence.

Beginner Challenge
1st Place: Maria Fretes
2nd Place: Billy Kesek
3rd Place: Sanjaya Parajuli
Special Mentions: Ana Carolina Cardoso Moreira, Luiza Vitoria Moreira Da Rocha
Participants: Alvaro Leonardo Gaviria Bermudez, Amarbayasgalan Enkhbat, Ken Yoshida, Naranchimeg Bolisoli, Nicolas Andre, Rodrigo Mendez, Sarha Leon, Ankhbayar Usukhsaikhan, Chippy Palma

Commercial Cookery Culinary Challenge
1st Place: Juan Sebastian Montoya
2nd Place: Alex Junqueira
3rd Place: Megawati Thang
Special Mentions: Nicholaih Axle Togas, Pasquale Nuara
Participants: Amanda Garrett, Amartuvshin Sandagsuren, Beatriz Juliana Caye Rossi, Lucas Zimmer Dos Santos, Luhllier Guevarra, Marni Pangilinan, Nina Erpe, Sheilla Setiady, Yang Hua Ruan, Bikash Chaudhary

Patisserie Culinary Challenge
1st Place: Pitchsinee Jaritngam
2nd Place: Andres Abdor
3rd Place: Thaila Barradas
Special Mentions: Da Heui Kim, Tran Bao Vy Nguyen
Participants: Daiane Esperidiao Moreira dos Anjos, Hee Joo Seo, Jenifer Gama Olarte, Katrina Cua, Luciana Rocha, Nishant Dabb, Thuy Ton, Weny Mellenia, Ximena Núñez, Era Millenia, Ning Gao

Barista Challenge
1st Place: Trong Thien Tran
2nd Place: Samir Subedi
3rd Place: Nur Fadli
Participants: Avishek Raut, Jeevan Nepali, Kevin Salim, Khulan Jargalsaikhan, Thi Ngoc Pham, Ha Anh Vu, Natthakarn Maleeratana

Blind Tasting Challenge
1st Place: Hao Cheng Gong
2nd Place: Gabriela Ferreira De Souza
3rd Place: Susil Bhandari
Participants: Kaira Jeen, Pangilinan, Munkhtulga Nyamsaikhan, Peerapol Chaimeesuk, Shuo Wang

We’re bursting with pride for our culinary superstars! Keep those aprons on and the flames alive in your kitchens!

Student Excursion – Sydney Fish Market

In a quest to uncover the heart of Australian cuisine, our Culinary Superstars embarked on an unforgettable journey to the seafood paradise that is the Fish Market. As they ventured through the bustling aisles of this vibrant marketplace, they discovered the essence of Australia’s culinary identity—the bountiful world of seafood. Amidst the shimmering array of fish and crustaceans, our students embraced the opportunity to not just taste but also understand the rich tapestry of flavours that the country has to offer. This expedition was a deep dive into the culture and tradition of Australian seafood, leaving our Culinary Superstars with a newfound appreciation for the treasures of the ocean and an enriched culinary palate that will undoubtedly shape their culinary journeys.