Hospitality Workshop – Off to a Great Start

It’s another vibrant day at Evolution Hospitality Institute in the heart of Sydney CBD. The future of hospitality is taking shape as students get a taste of hospitality management and customer service at an exciting hospitality workshop, as a start of becoming hospitality professionals. These enthusiastic individuals are mastering the art of food and beverage service, fine-tuning their table-setting skills, and perfecting the art of warm customer greetings. This hands-on experience not only nurtures them but also instils essential skills in hospitality and kitchen management, setting the stage for a promising career in the world of hospitality. Sydney’s hospitality industry is about to welcome a new wave of talent ready to serve up excellence.

Gulen: Alumni with an Inspiring Turkish Food Truck!

In this captivating culinary journey, Gulen and KEKIK’s story unfolds from her childhood, where she inherited her passion for cooking from her mother. Growing up in the kitchen, she honed her skills and cherished memories of her first attempt in cookery – a spinach and feta pastry. Inspired by her Turkish roots, where olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood, and flavorful meats are staples, she embarked on a quest to master the art of Turkish cuisine, steeped in history and influenced by various cultures. Her journey led her to Sydney, Australia, where she pursued formal training in commercial cookery and hospitality management with Evolution Hospitality Institute, eventually becoming a skilled professional chef. Today, she delights in sharing the authentic tastes of Turkey from her food van at Port Macquarie, using her mother’s cherished recipes to craft delicious homemade meals. Make sure to check out KEKIK, when you stroll through the beautiful Port Macquarie, savouring the rich flavours and traditions of Turkish cuisine as she brings her passion to life through every dish.

Student Orientation – Welcome to the Final Term of 2023!

With a warm and informative orientation, we wholeheartedly welcomed our hospitality and culinary students for the October 2023 intake at Evolution Hospitality Institute, located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. These eager students are on the cusp of embarking on their exciting journey into the world of hospitality. At the orientation, students are informed about Evolution’s classroom and kitchen facilities, how to access their student accounts and everything about student services. They’ve had the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of hospitality management, kitchen management, patisseries, and all culinary arts, setting the stage for a promising career. As they step into our classrooms and kitchens, we’re brimming with anticipation to witness the magic they’ll create in the world of hospitality, both in class and behind the scenes. It’s a thrilling time, and we can’t wait to see these aspiring professionals bring their passion and skills to life.

Student Excursion – Spice Temple and ICC

Evolution Hospitality Institute’s Kitchen Management students in Sydney, Australia recently embarked on a delectable voyage, relishing a splendid assortment of culinary marvels. From a sumptuous feast at the hottest hospitality spot in Sydney – Spice Temple to a captivating exploration of the finest cookery offerings at Fine Food Australia 2023, hosted at the ICC, this gastronomic adventure was truly extraordinary. The alluring cooking techniques, aromas, and flavours at Spice Temple left our kitchen management superstars’ taste buds dancing, while the expo at Fine Food Australia 2023 introduced them to a world of innovative hospitality and kitchen management trends and epicurean pleasures.