Evolution, a distinguished and esteemed entity in the education and training industry, was established in 2006. Since January 2019, Evolution English Language Centre has consistently offered English training courses to students.We have gained a strong reputation in Australia and worldwide for our unwavering commitment to excellence. Each year, we train around 500 skilled professionals, contributing significantly to industry growth. With a focus on quality, attitude, and essential industry skills, we surpass expectations by producing competent professionals consistently.

Under the visionary leadership of founder Stuart A. Page, Evolution has become a pioneering force in training and education. Our experienced trainers with impressive qualifications offer invaluable lessons to students. We prioritise practical training, equipping students with essential skills needed for success in the fast-paced industry. Our Sydney-based Evolution campus offers industry-standard facilities and an immersive learning environment.

Joining Evolution means experiencing our dedication to shaping the future of hospitality. We empower individuals and foster a new generation of talented professionals. In recognition of our pursuit of excellence, we were previously honoured as the NSW Small Training Provider of the Year.

Awards & Certificates

  • 2022 Tourism Training Australia – Highly Commended Food & Beverage Trainer
  • 2022 Tourism Training Australia – Best Travel & Tourism Trainer
  • 2022 Tourism Training Australia – Best Patisserie Trainer
  • 2021 Tourism Training Australia Chairman’s Award
  • 2014 NSW Small Training Provider of the year
  • 2012 National Tourism Legend Award
  • 2011 NSW Minister for Tourism Student Achiever Award
  • 2010 National Tourism Legend Award
  • 2009 NSW Minister for Tourism Student Achiever Award
  • 2009 National Tourism Legend Award


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