Academic Department Team - Evolution Hospitality Institute
Academic Department

Evolution Hospitality Institutes’ (EHI)(RTO# 91256) Academic Department is the heart of training and learning at EHI. Every day, 7 days a week, this department organises the creating and development of instructional and research activities across multiple fields of study delivered by EHI. This includes:-

  • Culinary
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Event Management

The academic department has a team of qualified Trainers and Assessors who collectively have a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure we meet our key objective which is to provide a learning environment that encourages growth, allows for diversity and embeds skills and knowledge for tomorrow’s industry professionals.

Management Team of Evolution Hospitality Institute
Management Department

Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI)(RTO# 91256) has a business organisation structure of five (5) Departments. EHI’s Management leaders work together to create the highest level of efficiency possible within EHI.

EHI s’ Management leaders have developed a vision for the business that reflects truly what we aim to achieve;-To be at the forefront of Hospitality Education, setting the benchmark for the International and Local training sectors. We strive to set a standard which leaves others wanting to follow.

Our aim is to be recognized for: –

  • Delivering high quality hospitality learning outcomes
  • Intuitive growth strategies
  • Listening and acting to meet market needs
Marketing Department - Evolution Hospitality Institute
Marketing Department

Evolution Hospitality Institutes’ (EHI)(RTO# 91256) marketing team serves as the face of our company, it is the initial contact point all students and clients have with EHI. The Marketing Department coordinates and produces all materials and resources representing the business.

EHI’s Marketing Department’s role is to reach out to prospective, customers, investors and/or the community, and create an overarching image that represents EHI’s company in a positive light—that is, our brand.

Student Support Team - Evolution Hospitality Institute
Student Support Team

Evolution Hospitality Institutes (EHI)(RTO# 91256) Student Support and Welfare Team Services refers to the group of professionals who provide support and looks after the welfare all EHI students.

EHI’s Enrolment Team, work very close with the Marketing Department liaising with students and Agents alike, with the teams objective to provide information on the enrolment procedures whilst processing enrolments, and applications and ensure that stakeholders are well informed when making decisions about their learning journey.

EHI’s IT Department looks after all the technology throughout the Campus. Its primary role is to ensure that students are supplied with a smooth use of WIFI and Technical Support “Where things may go wrong” Combined together all these departments are the engine room that drives each day to deliver the best outcomes for the students learning experience whilst here at Evolution Hospitality Institute(RTO# 91256).

Workplace support team of Evolution Hospitality Institute
Workplace Support

Employer services

When it comes to standing out from the competition, Evolution graduates have the edge. Our graduates are highly sought after by the top employers in the food service and hospitality industries, thanks to their exceptional dedication and talent. They don’t see food service as just a job – it’s a career they are passionate about pursuing. Choose Evolution student for a future in which success is inevitable.

All students are required to work in industry for the entire duration of their course, 400- 1100 hours of workplace-integrated learning depending on the pathway. Evolution Employment Network is your source for potential candidates of all levels of expertise.


Easily scale your workforce to meet your business needs with our flexible hiring process.

You can hire Evolution Students and graduates at any time.

Advertise a position on our Jobs portal page here.

Hire a student for their workplace learning.

By becoming an Institute-approved host employer, you have the opportunity to see firsthand the skills and abilities our students can bring to your organisation. Additionally, this program provides an excellent opportunity to hire quality short, medium, or long-term workers and for students to gain valuable experience during their studies. Don’t miss out on this chance to benefit both your organisation and our student’s growth and development.

Complete the online application to become an approved work placement venue.

The workplace learning program is a crucial learning requirement for students. To fulfil this requirement, students must spend a minimum of 200 hours or 10 consecutive weeks at an approved venue where they will work. The college has approved a range of venues to host students. The approved venue is expected to provide students with a structured experience and supervision.

Scope of the Program:

While students must secure their work-placement position independently, they can seek assistance from the Evolution Employment Network staff, who are available to help employers and students throughout the process. Evolution offers a wide range of approved work placement venues that are constantly expanding. Our approved venues are conveniently located throughout Australia.

Becoming a host employer

As you begin this application process, we want to ensure you are well prepared with the responsibilities we have as a college and the responsibilities you will have as an approved venue for our students. Evolution Employment Network assesses and assists all potential venues for student employment.

Upon being hired, students will work as required at the venue, developing both culinary and leadership skills while receiving guidance and mentorship from their supervisor.

Additional information can be found here

What does this mean for the work placement venue?

By becoming an approved work placement venue for culinary, pastry, food & beverage, front-line hotel, and restaurant management, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of our industry. As a mentor to our highly motivated students, you will play a crucial role in their training and development. Your guidance and constructive coaching will enable students to be a valuable asset to your team. Your commitment to their growth will only benefit the overall success of your venue’s reputation and our industry.

What is the significance of work placement for Evolution Hospitality Institute and the overall industry?

For many, it marks their commitment to their chosen profession. Students gain confidence and a clearer sense of their identity and career goals by developing valuable skills, speed, and accuracy. As educators, we are privileged to witness this growth and self-discovery in each student. We take pride in cultivating strong relationships with our employers who participate in the program.

If you want to apply to become an approved work placement venue, Please reach out to our Evolution Employment Network: Industry Liaison Coordinator for assistance with any questions.