ICO International Language Center

Evolution Hospitality Institute and ICO International Languages Center Officially Established Pathway for Vietnamese Students

ICO International Languages Center, stationed in Bac Giang, Vietnam, stands as an eminent institute specialising in the realm of foreign languages. From its inception in 2018, the centre has seamlessly woven digital language learning platforms into its academic fabric, ushering in a novel epoch of hybridised education. Boasting a cadre of adroit educators bearing extensive overseas training and work sagas, ICO International Languages Center unfurls a diverse array of linguistic courses spanning English, Korean, Japanese, and German. These offerings cater ardently to the aspirations of students seeking foreign shores for studies or careers.

Amid the tapestry of events that July 2023 brought forth, a momentous occasion transpired as Mr. Nguyen Quang Tuan, the Luminary of ICO International Language Center, and Mr. Stuart Page, the Helmsman of Evolution Hospitality Institute, inked a solemn Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This indelible pact etches a transformative juncture in the trajectories of both establishments.

The core crux of this partnership reverberates with the resonant goal of enriching students’ acumen in the domains of hospitality and communication. In a broader tapestry, this harmonious alliance envisages nurturing robust currents of academic and cultural exchange, spanning education and research arenas. This collaboration will encompass a spectrum of initiatives, including but not limited to: