In this captivating culinary journey, Gulen and KEKIK’s story unfolds from her childhood, where she inherited her passion for cooking from her mother. Growing up in the kitchen, she honed her skills and cherished memories of her first attempt in cookery – a spinach and feta pastry. Inspired by her Turkish roots, where olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood, and flavorful meats are staples, she embarked on a quest to master the art of Turkish cuisine, steeped in history and influenced by various cultures. Her journey led her to Sydney, Australia, where she pursued formal training in commercial cookery and hospitality management with Evolution Hospitality Institute, eventually becoming a skilled professional chef. Today, she delights in sharing the authentic tastes of Turkey from her food van at Port Macquarie, using her mother’s cherished recipes to craft delicious homemade meals. Make sure to check out KEKIK, when you stroll through the beautiful Port Macquarie, savouring the rich flavours and traditions of Turkish cuisine as she brings her passion to life through every dish.