Evolution Systems for Training and Development Pty Ltd the mother company started in 2005 when Mr Stuart Page identified a gap in the VET sector for a quality Hospitality Registered Training Organisation. Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) (RTO# 91256) was born. There was a great need for more pragmatic, service focused provider who had the foresight to think outside of the box and was willing to partner and grow the business parallel to industry whilst truly listening to what the industry partners were saying in relation to the level of training they needed for their businesses to viable.

Since 2005 Evolution Hospitality Institute(RTO# 91256) has gone from strength to strength in the VET market with currently over 700 students attending our city campus. Evolution Systems for Training and Development Pty Ltd has also diversified its business operations to parent the following companies;-

-Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI)(RTO# 91256)
-Evolution English Language Centre
-Page Culinaire

Evolution Hospitality Institute(RTO# 91256) aims to always maintain the utmost levels of service for our customers and clients along with striving to place itself at the forefront of the Hospitality sector to ensure we are working parallel with an ever changing industry market.

Evolution Hospitality Institute(RTO# 91256) works with the industry to identify skills and gaps in training needs and works to fill these requirements. We believe that students need to be taught by those who have been there before, and to this end all of our trainers are industry experienced, well qualified and dedicated to the future of the hospitality industry. We also place a high emphasis on practical training and equipping students with the skills required to work and succeed in a fast-paced industry. Evolutions new campus is located in the Heart of the Sydney CBD, encompassing industry standard facilities; EHI offers an authentic industry experience.

Evolution Hospitality Institute(RTO# 91256) Offers the following Pathways:

-Hospitality Operations
-Travel and Tourism
-Event Management