Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) provides resources and support to help students make the most of their time in Australia from the moment they accept an offer till they graduate. EHI makes every effort to assist students to make the transition to their new surroundings and help them feel at home. We regularly consult with students to gather feedback on their experience at EHI and continually strive to develop and improve our services. The result is a supportive and safe environment that plays a crucial role in ensuring that every student is able to perform at their best.


Student Support Officers

Evolution Hospitality Institutes (EHI) Student Support and Welfare Team Services refers to the group of professionals who provide support and looks after the welfare of all EHI students.

The Student Support officer is usually the first point of contact when the student has a question or problem

Learning Support Services

The Academic Department has a team of qualified Trainers and Assessors who collectively have a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure we meet our key objective which is to provide a learning environment that encourages growth, allows for diversity and embeds skills and knowledge for industry professionals of today and tomorrow.

Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) currently has mentoring support classes every Tuesday and Wednesday, which are designed to support all students in study techniques, answer questions relating to subjects of study and assist with Language Literacy and Learning (LLN) areas.

Counselling Services

EHI arranges for specialised counselling services on request, which may entail additional costs. General counselling services are provided free of cost to assist students in developing the personal skills and qualities necessary for success in their study program. Where personal or practical concerns interfere with a student’s ability to study, these services can assist students in resolving immediate issues and developing strategies for the future. Students may wish to speak to a counsellor about matters such as

  • Adjusting to living in a new culture
  • Coping with relationship and family issues
  • Dealing with homesickness, stress or depression
  • Managing time, or
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Should you require assistance contact student support by sending an email to: studentsupport@evolution.edu.au

Code Of Practice

Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) has developed this Code of Practice to address and establish our commitment to the maintenance of high standards in the provision of vocational education and training and our operations in accordance with the principles and standards of the VET Quality Framework (VQF) and CRICOS Requirements.

EHI recognises the possibility of conflicts of interest between its staff and business operations and requires that existing and potential conflicts of interest be declared discussed and that action be taken where there is an actual conflict of interest or when there may be a perception of conflict, and that these actions will be open, accountable and properly documented while respecting the confidentiality of the information disclosed.
For a full version of EHI’s Code of Practice please refer to the Student Handbook.

Student Information

Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) provides a vast amount of information to support and inform students whilst enrolled at EHI. This information flow extends from the moment the student expresses interest in studying at EHI to the moment they depart from Australia to go home with a complete qualification/s. The information provided that is specifically focused on student support includes but is not limited to:

  • Website online Forms and Policies
  • Qualification Information
  • Student Handbook
  • IT Handbook
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Learner Portal Tutorial
  • Student Code of Conduct

Student Support Facilities

Evolution Hospitality Institute provides students with:

  • Free (WIFI) Internet access to complete research and assignments
  • Student Lounge
  • Fully equipped Commercial Kitchens for practical sessions
  • Student snack kiosks on levels 2,3 and 4 of the campus
  • Air-conditioned class rooms and common areas
  • Computer Lab/Room along with additional computers in the common areas
    Support Classes